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Parents should always have a role in their children’s education – make your voice heard!

The Tulsa Public School District will hold elections for two school board seats, District 4 and District 7, on April 5, 2022.


To check with school board district you live in, click here to see a boundary map from Tulsa Public Schools. To find your polling location, visit the Oklahoma State Election Board website.


The candidates running in District 4 are E’Lena Ashley and Shawna Keller.

Ashley’s priorities for Tulsa School Board include bringing “education, parental rights, and accountability” to the board. 


Ashley says Tulsa Public Schools need a “bulldog, not a lap dog” that will hold the board accountable to parents and promote polices that teach kids that “demographics do not determine your destiny.”


Ashley advocates for “nonpartisan education” in schools.


Ashley believes, “students excel when Parents are involved. Parents should never be left out of their student’s learning experience.”


Ashley made a financial contribution through WinRed, the Republican donation platform, in 2020.


Ashley promotes endorsements from The American Federation of Teachers Local 6049, Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights, Tulsa Parent Voice, and the Tulsa Republican Party.


Visit E’Lena Ashley’s website and Facebook page to learn more.

E’Lena Ashley is a mother of three and Army veteran who has served in many teaching and mentoring capacities throughout her career.

In November 2020, Keller voted to delay in-person school for 4th-6th grade students until January 2021. 


In July 2020, the board voted against Shawna Keller serving another term as President.


Shawna Keller is a registered Democrat and has voted in multiple Democratic primaries since 2004.


Keller has made numerous financial contributions to The Oklahoma Democratic Party, Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign, and ActBlue. 


In 2012 Shawna Keller ran as a Democrat for the Oklahoma House of Representatives and was defeated.


Keller advocates for raising teacher salaries and has retweeted support for a bill that would have increased Oklahoma’s sales tax for education funding.


Visit Shawna Keller’s website, Twitter profile, and Facebook page to learn more.

Shawna Keller is a mother and a teacher at Owasso Ram Academy.


The candidates running in District 7 are Tim Harris and Susan Lamkin.

When asked whether Critical Race Theory should be taught in schools, Harris said, “I don’t agree with it one bit. Teaching our children to be racist, I don’t believe that, that’s not our American heritage.”


Harris supported efforts by Education Secretary DeVos during the Trump Administration to advance parental rights in education. 


Harris said he believes the classroom is “not an appropriate venue to espouse political philosophy,” and instead students need a “basic education to prepare them for successful life and career.”


In 2018 Harris ran as a Republican seeking to represent Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional District but was defeated.


Tim Harris is a registered Republican and has donated in support of Republican political campaigns. 


Harris is endorsed by Congressman Kevin Hern of Oklahoma’s 1st District because “he will listen to parents and put our kids first.”


Visit Tim Harris’ Facebook page and Twitter profile to learn more.

Tim Harris is a father and grandfather. He is the longest serving District Attorney in Tulsa County history.

Lamkin addresses Critical Race Theory on her website claiming it is not taught in K-12 schools while also noting “it’s so important our children are provided with all of the facts and information, including the parts that are painful and comfortable…” 


Lamkin says, “this is the moment to come together and do the long, difficult and necessary work of building the future rooted in justice and equity.”


Susan Lamkin is a registered Democrat and has voted in Democratic primary elections.


Lamkin says she “has been committed to Tulsa Public School and to our neighborhood schools my entire life,” and she has had “meaningful experiences with the students, families, teachers, staff and administration within our area schools to best fulfill the role.


Visit Susan Lamkin’s  website and Facebook  page to learn more.


Susan Lamkin is a mother of four and engaged member of Tulsa PTA organizations. 

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