Tulsa Public School District

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The Tulsa Public School District will hold an election for one School Board seat on April 4, 2023. Two candidates will appear on the ballot for one seat. Voters will be able to select one candidate on their ballot.
The candidates are Jared Buswell and Stacey Woolley. Voters can vote for 1 of the candidates on the ballot. Click on each candidate’s name to learn more about their priorities and positions.


Buswell is a registered Republican.


Buswell called prolong pandemic shutdowns illegal and bad for small business.


Buswell advocated for common sense pandemic policies and to stop lock downs.


Visit Jared Buswell’s Facebook page or LinkedIn page to learn more

Buswell is a web designer for Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans.

Woolley advocated for the Oklahoma Governor Democratic candidate.


Woolley advocated for a controversial plan to limit the public’s ability to voice concerns at school board meetings.


Woolley opposed state legislation banning CRT being taught in schools.


Visit Stacey Woolley’s Facebook page or Instagram to learn more.

Woolley is president of the Tulsa School Board of Education.

Need to find your polling place? Visit Oklahoma State Election Board webpage for more information.

To confirm you live within the Tulsa Public School District visit the district’s boundary map here.

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